Education is a right in Washington State. Every child has a right to a quality education.  Our current education system is leaving too many children behind.  We can do better by allowing parents and teachers choice.

We believe school choice empowers families and increased competition will increase opportunity and educational equality for all.  All students in Washington should have equal access to an excellent education.

Currently Washington spends over $16,000 per year, per student we believe the money should “follow the backpack.” Vouchers or educational scholarships much like the GI bill could be used for tuition for private, public, charter or home school cooperatives. Parents would be free to choose the best educational environment for their child.

We also believe that School choice would empower teachers and provide them with the professionalism they deserve. Excellent teachers would have the resources they need to thrive and their pay would be based upon performance. Class size would naturally decrease and children would get more individualized attention.

It is time for Washington to revolutionize education and drive the funding to the classroom rather than bridling teachers with top down mandates.


Chair for the Committee for the Advancement of School Choice

tara childs

My name is Tara Childs and I am a citizen, mom of 2 college-aged kids and one teacher and I AM AN ESSENTIAL teacherEducate! Collaborate! Act! Let‘take our schools back. 


Ignite Action, a division of Rise Up WA LLC, is a group of concerned citizens organizing legal and legislative efforts to push back! We are raising money to file a lawsuit to leverage school choice and to lobby the legislature to enact school choice next session.


We need thousands of people to support the bill that will be introduced into the Washington State Legislature for school choice this January. Please invite people to our group! In January, we will hold rallies to educate about school choice and gain support. Letters will be written to legislators requesting their support.

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HB 2933, to create an Education Choice Scholarship for Washington children

Key Findings

1. Many families are satisfied with their public schools, but others have serious and valid complaints.

2. In response, some lawmakers have proposed to allow parents access to a publicly-funded Education Choice Scholarship to pay private school tuition, and serve the state’s mission of educating children.

3. The Education Choice Scholarship would be in an amount equitable to the funding the state provides for basic education, which in 2019-20 is $11,300 per student.

4. This sum is $4,300 below the level of public funding to which students are entitled, but enough to expand educational choices available to families.

5. Traditional public schools would gain $4,300 for each student who chooses an Education Choice Scholarship, because these sums would remain in public school budgets.

6. Twenty-nine states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico offer parents access to a variety of 66 different private school choice programs.

7. Education Choice Scholarships and similar programs deliver benefits to students and provide powerful incentives for traditional schools to improve.

8. Polls show strong public support for providing state aid directly to families to help educate children.

Many kids are struggling with learning, depression, and other issues. Learn more by hearing from Josie Mettling, a freshman at Southridge Highschool.

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