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COVID-19 Community Relief


In light of the recent and rapidly evolving situation regarding the COVID-19 (Corona virus), the Ignite team has decided to shift part of our operations from candidate support to efforts providing support to local communities affected by the virus.

We have been advised that many people either sick with the illness or people with high risk factors, may need to be quarantined for extended periods of time.  Some people may voluntarily decide to self-quarantine in order to stop or at least slow down the spread.  In either case, this will present some challenges for those individuals and their families.  They will likely experience financial hardship and it may be difficult for them to get basic items like food or household supplies.

Ignite is preparing for this.  Part of that preparation is to ask the community to help financially.  With your donation, we can direct funds and food and supplies to those most in need.  For now, those efforts will be focused on the areas hit hardest: King and Snohomish County.  As this develops and we grow our reserves, we will broaden our efforts to other regions.


Your contribution today will help us raise emergency funds and build a reserve.  We understand that you may also be affected and may be concerned about your own family or business.  Please give what you can afford to give.  Perhaps even ask people outside our state to give and share this page.

This is a startling and rapidly evolving health emergency but with your help, we can fight back and help those people most affected.


At least 80% of the funds raised will go directly toward food and supplies and monetary gifts for families. We will start with the most vulnerable.  Seniors, the disabled, immune compromised and families with young children will be prioritized.  20% will go towards operations: gas for volunteers and potentially compensation for people helping us.  We expect that there will be a large financial impact to people in our state and we are hoping we might be able to employ people while also serving our community.  If there are changes to our model, as may happen with this rapidly evolving situation, we will keep our donors, like you, informed.

Thank you for whatever support you can offer and please feel free to reach out to volunteer, offer suggestions or alert us to other organizations we can partner with.  Together we can rapidly respond to this crisis and take personal responsibility for our community and those we care about.  We can also help slow down the spread which will provide some relief for our healthcare professionals.

BE the change,

Michelle Darnell

CEO of the Rise Up WA

Donations toward “Operation Quarantine Corona” will NOT be applied toward political campaigns nor are they tax exempt.

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Donate to COVID-19 Relief