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Jo Jorgensen

Libertarian Nominated Presidential Candidate for 2020 Election

The Libertarian Party of King County has worked tirelessly with Rise Up WA to bring the community closer to hard-hitting issues Jo Jorgensen is addressing.

Marliza Melzer

Candidate for 33rd Legislative District

Marliza Melzer is a concerned resident stepping up to run for the 33rd Legislative District of Washington State as a Libertarian. Her goals include returning a voice to her constituency in the legislature, lowering taxes, working to restore parental rights and more.

David Wiley

Candidate for 38th Legislative District

David Wiley is running for the 38th Legislative District position 2 as a Libertarian. His principles are rooted in issues of accountability concerning positions of power. David seeks to make a difference in the legislature by holding government more accountable for its damages, and reducing the risks where it may impose unintended consequences on citizens.

Kerry French

Candidate for 33rd Legislative District

Kerry French is running for the Washington State Legislature, representing District 33.

David Larson

Candidate for Washington State Supreme Court

Judge Larson currently serves as a judge in Federal Way and is running for Position #3 on the Supreme Court.


Cheryl Hurst

Candidate for 30th Legislative District

I believe we are Better when we work Together. Our region needs strength in leadership. Our region desperately needs follow through. I have been a life-long volunteer and where I see a need, I fill it. In 2019 & 2020 I was voted the Community’s Best Volunteer in Federal Way and these are just a few of my engagements; Rotary, Mary’s Place, Multi Service Centers, Church camps and fundraisers.


Joseph Cimaomo Jr.

Candidate for 47th Legislative District

Currently serve on the Covington City Council where I serve the City regionally on the Domestic Violence initiative Board with the Sound Cities Association as an alternate and I am also currently the alternate to the Sound Cities Association Public Issues Committee. I also serve the city on the South King Housing and Homeless Partners committee as a member of the executive board. Previously I have served the City as the Vice-Chair of the Budget Priorities Advisory Committee, before serving on the Council. I have served the City on regional boards in the areas of Transportation, Regional Safety, and solid waste.