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Our team members have helped dozens of campaigns over the years, and all of that experience has taught us a lot from the tools of the trade to how a candidate spends their time most efficiently to get the most out of their candidacy. We’ve taken the time to document and organize some of the things we credit for our successes, and the lessons we’ve learned from failures so that you can benefit.


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Stay compliant, avoid interruptions.

The organization presiding over candidates, campaigns and lobbying activity in Washington State is known as the PDC. They have set fourth and established many guidelines and specifics for how to establish your campaign, what rules and regulations you must follow and how to perform the necessary filing work for donations.

2. Are you studied up?


Ready, set, file!

Washington state allows you to file for your candidacy and campaign committee online. The portal allows for initial registration, update your registration and also getting any access tokens required.  There are two forms they have available, one is for candidates and the other for campaign committees.

3. Register as a Candidate

Get Creative!

Running a campaign can be one of the toughest things you undertake. Whether its for a political office, a social cause, or a non-profit mission. It takes months of effort, and the help, the resources and the funds don’t always come easy. It’s a lot of late nights, mind-numbing meetings, and rushing out feeling unprepared and not knowing what to expect.