It is worse than you think – Washington Small Business is suffering tremendous pressure and constrained cash flow, due to the restraints placed on Small Business Owners to enforce unreasonable mandates.

Washingtonians can no longer stand by without making their voices heard!

Please join the Rise Up WA in our defense of Small Business Owners. They have poured their life into manifesting their dreams and contributing to the greatest economy the world has ever experienced.

Stand with Washington Small Businesses, as we are eager to rebuild our relationships, and do #businessasusual Here’s what Rise Up WA has found in Washington State Law:

It amounts to the illegal taking of property without compensation: Violation of the 5th amendment; Article 1, Sec. 16 of the Washington Constitution.


Violates due process rights.

The current STAY AT HOME ORDER violates due process rights as it has no rational connection to public health and safety. Due process clause of the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution; Article 1 Sec. 3 of the Washington constitution.


In order to be valid and thus enforceable, statutory prohibitions in Washington must be reasonable. State v. Day, 96 Wn. 2d 646, 638 P. 2d 546, 638 P. 2d 546 (1981). Laws must be necessary to further the state interest. Ketcham v. King County Medical Service Corp. , 81 Wn. 2d 565, 502 P.2d 1197 (1972).

Governor Inslee’s order is unreasonable criminalizing Plaintiff’s ability to earn a living when there are other options and CAUSE A BLACK MARKET to be created.


Restricting Plaintiff from providing services while not restricting other service providers and deeming some businesses as essential and others as non-essential with no consistent standards, violates eaqual protection rights. Equal Protection clause of the Fourteenth amendment of the U.S. Constitution. ; Article XXXI, Sec. 1 of the Washington Constitution. By criminalizing the sale of cosmetology services, while not similarly criminalizing the sale of other services illegally treats similarly situated people differently.


Prohibiting Plaintiff

Fourteenth amendment to the U. S. Constitution, Privileges and Immunities Clause, and Article I, Section 3 of the Washington constitution. The “right to pursue livelihood … is a protected privilege and immunities clause.” Toomer v. Witsell, 334 U. S. 385 U.S. 385, 92 L. Ed. 1490, 68 S. Ct. 1156 (12948). Individuals have the right to engage in an occupation. State ex rel. Swartout v. Civil Service Commission of Spokane. 25 Wn. App. 174.605 P. sd 7096, cert. denied, 101 S. Ct. 527, 449 U.S. 992, 66 L. Ed. 288 (1980). Americans have a right to freely contract. Allgeyer v. Louisiana, 165 U.S. 578, 17 S Ct. 427, 41 L. Ed. 832 (1897); Adkins. Children’s Hospital. 261 UC 525 (1922); Ketcham supra.

Funding will go to:

  • Legal services
  • Litigation support
  • Marketing and Ad assistance
  • Restart assistance
  • Business Development consulting
  • Branding & Image management
  • Public Relations

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